Our 5 winners were announced at Tate Britain on 10 November!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the competition this year!

The quality of entries was so high, we have extended the top 20 images to 30

All 30 images can be seen on the image carousel above

We screened all 30 images at Tate Britain

We added two further prizes (£30 vouchers) to make up 5 winners

The 5 winners were announced at Tate Britain on 10 November

The five prize winners are:

First Prize:  Henning S Pettersen

The judges said:  There is an electrifying dynamism in this photographic urban poem, intense colours bind together disparate elements of the urban space: ornamental bins, cars and street are connected and yet the narrative is tantalisingly elusive and invitingly open.

Second Prize:  Arek Rataj

The judges said:  This evocative portrait of child and a cat merging into one face reminds us of the possibility of a magical world where human, animal and nature are intertwined and safeguard each other. The cat metamorphoses into a protective mask, shielding the child behind the ominous fence.

Third Prize:  Dominic Teagle

The judges said:   "I want to live there" Roland Barthes exclaimed when he saw a photograph on an old house. We have a similar response seeing this place of possibility. All the elements are here, the well-used automobile, some urban horticulture, and the yard with stuff to make things with. This photograph celebrates a certain type of place where there can still exists a certain type of freedom. 

Fourth Prize:  Frank Verreyken

The judges said:  The windows to No. 40 are boarded up, the lower window fenced off by a grille, and yet the image is not bleak, as through the transformative power of photography the chip-board becomes textured marble and the symmetry of the brick work provides a frame. This work alerts us to the pleasure of looking. 

Fifth Prize:  James Mason

The judges said:  The lip-stick red textile corner clashes with reflective chrome, marble, glass and polished concrete in a joyous celebration of the ground. By drawing our attention to what is  'low' we are placed within the pleasure-ground of the 'common sensual': vibrancy, textures and rhythm. 

Congratulations to the 5 winners!

The names of our 30 finalists (in alphabetical order) are:

Agile Mazonaite

Arek Rataj x 2 images

Bib Frrokaj

Chiara Contrino

Dominic Teagle

Emiliano Esposito

Frank Verreyken x 3 images

Henning S Pettersen x 2 images

HJ Hunter

James Mason

Jan Halle

Kendra Susan Pfeil

Luca Tommasi x 2 images

Matt Portch x 3 images

Pete Gardner

Rémi Crampagne

Rhianne Clarke

Sandra Roberts

Steve Jones

Tanya Ahmed

Victor Frankowski x 2 images

Zac Endter



The UrbanPhotoFest Open is an international urban photography competition, developed and managed by the Urban Photographers Association, a non-profit organisation whose mission is to promote excellence in urban photographic practice, research and education.

Entry fee

The cost of entry is £6.50 per image or £20 for four images.

Credit cards accepted. 

Great prizes

We have three generous prizes for the first three winners. 

The three winning images will be shown on the Urban Photo Fest website. 

The top 20 images will be screened at Tate Britain in November 2017

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Our panel of experts in urban photography will select winning entries based on technical skll, diversity and originality

Meet our judges

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​In 2016 our winner was Yangkun Shi

2016 winning image by Yangkun Shi

Yangkun Shi was presented with his prize at Tate Modern.

Learn more about his work here:  http://www.shiyangkun.com

We are looking forward to finding a new winner for our 2017 competition!

Latest two entries

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In Urban Landscape

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In Urban Landscape

Meet our judges

Rut Blees Luxemburg

Reader in Urban Aesthetics at the Royal College of Art, London.

Rut Blees Luxemburg is an artist who deals with the representation of the city and the phenomenon of the urban, ranging from large-scale photographic works, through public art installations and operatic mise-en-scène. She has been the subject of a monograph, Commonsensual, which details projects including the opera, Liebeslied/My Suicides, devised with the philosopher Alexander Garcia Düttmann, and documents public art installations such as Caliban Towers, with muf architects, and Piccadilly’s Peccadilloes in Heathrow Airport. She is also responsible for the iconic cover for the The Streets’ Original Pirate Material. In 2016, Rut joined the judges as part of Master of Photography screened on Sky Arts.

Paul Halliday

Creative Director, UrbanPhotoFest

Paul Halliday is a photographic artist, film-maker and urbanist based at Goldsmiths University London, where he convenes the international MA in Photography and Urban Cultures. As a former Channel 4 film director and media adviser to the British Refugee Council, he is particularly interested in the social and historical aspects of street-based urban photography. He is the creative director of UrbanPhotoFest and his visual work focuses on street-based urban photography and its relationship with cultural archaeology and urban sociology.

Gill Golding

Organiser, UrbanPhotoFest Open

Gill Golding is an urban photographer whose visual research interests lie in the field of post-industrial cities, particularly with an emphasis on regeneration, gentrification and sustainability. Gill is a Visiting Research Fellow at Goldsmiths, University of London, has joined the Board of the International Visual Sociology Association, is Education Director of the Urban Photographers Association, Chair of London Independent Photography, a member of the Steering Group of UrbanPhotoFest and is the Organiser of the International Urban Photography Summer School.